Guidelines for abstracts

Abstract text and title:

  • Abstracts can be submitted in either English or German and can contain a maximum of 250 words.
  • Please do not use equations in the abstract. Please try to reduce the use of symbols to a minimum.
  • The abstract may contain references in the text, e.g., “(Müller et al., 2017)”, but not a literature list. Please use an ampersand (&) to list several authors, e.g., “Müller & Schmidt”.

Please read your abstract carefully before submission in order to facilitate the review process and to ensure that your abstract is ready to print for the program booklet.

Abstracts should be submitted by pasting the abstract text into the appropriate box. It is not possible to upload a document in any other format (i.e., only in ASCII text format in the box).

Authors and titles should be entered separately in their own boxes and should not be included in the abstract text.

You will be asked to categorize your abstract into a subject area. It is possible to select several suitable subject areas. 

Presenters and authors:

The person listed first in the “Authors” box will be listed as the first author. The person listed second in the “Authors” box will be listed as the second author, etc. Please list the authors and their affiliations (university/company and country, but not the department) in the correct order.

The presenter(s) can be specified in the corresponding box.

Please enter the first name and then the surname of each person and avoid using titles such as “Prof.” or “Dr.”.


A symposium is a collection of presentations held and discussed in a thematically coherent session. A symposium is organized by a symposium chair. A discussant can also be specified.

Speakers who wish to be part of a symposium should submit their abstracts individually. You will be asked to name the title and the chair of the symposium.

Will the abstracts be published?

All accepted abstracts will be published online in a conference program booklet.